As big as my mind is, even I either make far-fetched connections or can’t find one at all. If an overwhelming amount say the connection is fine, I’ll take it down. P.S. your goal is to get to Mario.

Wheelman (said it has several car models from GTA)

Rainbow 6: Vegas

Omikron or Farehnheit (both are connected, several games have Asteroth, and I said Omikron and DmC are connected because of demons.

Time Gal (said it was to Mortal Kombat, forgot how)

Midnight Club

The Warriors

Smuggler’s Run

Project Gotham Racing (connected it with the feraris in GTA


Thunder Force

Titanfall (connected to Dead Space)

Knack (connected to Titanfall)

Sine Mora

DoDon Pachi




I am Alive


Metro: Last Light

Beneath a Steel Sky

Tokyo Jungle

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

Dragon’s Lair

Gunstar Heroes



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