Q+A Time!

1. What is this website?

This website is a place where you can find connections between your favorite video games. For example, if you comment for it, I can write down video game A, and show you how it gets to video game B! It’s simple! Also, if you wish, you can submit stories that are crossovers between video games.

2. What makes this different from any other crossover fanatics?

Well… not much, really. Though as soon as you ask for a connection, you should expect it in a day or two, if I get tons of requests. At this rate, though, it’s probably just a few minutes.

3. Where do you get you information?

Well, I created this giant web on excel, you see, and that’s where I make connections here. I got the information for that from a number of different sources. I’ll make another page with links to these info spots.

4. Why did you start this website?

As mentioned previously, I have a giant web filled with hundreds of connections, but all I do with it is bother friends with it. Plus, I comment in reply to youtubers a lot, and here I can channel my energy for that.

5. Can I help?

Yes. I may have a lot of connections, but some I can’t find or I make a very stretched connection. For example, I connected a game called Time Gal to Mortal Kombat. I forget how, though. But there will be a page where I list games I can’t find connections for. I would like it if you guys would comment on that page and helped.

6. Are you going to use giant crossover games?

I know that these are looked at as “cheats,” but games are about that. So, if it’s for a quicker connection, yes, I’ll use them. If I get requests asking for one without crossover games, I’ll do that too.

Now for something else:

Call me: Stooky Sauce

Why: Stooky means “awesome,” from “Origami Yoda,” so my name is Awesome Sauce, but use Stooky instead.

Another name you could call me: Agent Awesome

Why: No reason.


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