Are you a fan of crossovers? Do you still have that one dream of seeing one character meet another? Then this website is for you!

There should be a page that reads crossover suggestions up top. Click it to submit a challenge to connect one video game to another!

Tell your friends!


5 thoughts on “Welcome!”

    1. You have to comment on the “Connections” page.

      It sounds stupid, but if I just took any comment from anywhere, I’d have too many pages to choose from.

      In the event that I get lots of views per day.


  1. i have an idea that this dude named the player (who calls himself steve because player sounds creepy) travels the world saving villages and innocent mobs from hostiles and herobrine. he meets this villager when he his family become zombie testificates. before he can cure then they burn in the sunlight and the villager is left an orphan. steve invites the villager to travel the world with him, even go to different dimensions. together they fight herobrine. steve was once like herobrine and considers himself to be a fallen god. once upon a time, he had access to EVERYTHING. he could never die, he could change the night to day, and he could FLY. now he does not have that power, but still he retains the ancient power of respawning. herobrine still has this godlike power, but he is not immortal. for his crimes he was given the curse of death and stripped of flight, though he can teleport. he can now die. in vengeance he killed steve’s people. steve, having committed worse crimes than herobrine and being punished with the curse of death and all things entailed in survival mode, vowed to avenge his people by righting herobrine’s wrongs no matter how many times herobrine respawned. steve and the villager have adventures together saving pigs and cows and other villagers, and even kill a wither made by herobrine. then steve takes the villager to the nether and is shot by a ghast. steve spots a portal and tells the villager to run. steve is too weak to make it to the portal, but he says that when he dies he will respawn, and he WILL find him again. despite saying this, he runs to the portal anyway, knowing that the zombie pigmen will probably kill him before he reaches the portal. he is proven correct, but the villager escapes and closes off the portal. he then travels the land in search of steve…


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